On November 8, Ukraine hosted the Kiev International Economic Forum 2019, which was attended by the managing partner of the investment company «FINTEK» Alexander Sarzhan

международный экономический форум
  • 09.11.2019

The Kiev International Economic Forum is a leading international platform that analyzes and discusses the prospects for the development of the Ukrainian and global economy, business, entrepreneurship, as well as their impact on politics and society.

The Forum got its life with the support of the strategic partner of UFUTURE Ukrainian businessman Vasily Khmelnitsky.

In 2019, the event reached unprecedented proportions. The participants and speakers of the forum were the first persons of the state – President of Ukraine Vladimir Selensky and Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk.

In addition to the authorities, the leaders of the investment market of Ukraine, influential speakers from Europe, the United States and China, including the legendary Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, took part in the discussion of the main topics of the forum.

The forum raised key challenges and problems of peace in 2019-2020 and Ukraine’s role on the political and economic map of the world. Important topics such as trade wars, Ukraine’s energy independence, technology – their development and impact on the global economy, venture capital investments and investments in emerging markets were touched upon.

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