The managing partner of the investment company “FINTEK” took part in the IV international summit for realtors, investors and developers “Realty Summit 2021”

  • 16.07.2021

We discussed an important topic for our city, at the same time is a social dilemma and an investment opportunity: “Resettlement – as a tool for generating a construction site.”


An analysis of the data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine as of January 2021 on the area of ​​emergency and rundown housing in the regions shows us that in Ukraine there are 3,317,905 m2 of dilapidated housing and 1,052,936 m2 of emergency housing. Odessa region ranks second in the number of dilapidated – 390 981 m2 and emergency – 117 148 m2 of housing in Ukraine.


Thus, on the one hand, we have a dynamic building market in need of new construction sites, and on the other, we have a historical part of the city of Odessa, in which houses, in urgent need of reconstruction or renovation!


Investment company “FINTEK”, provides a range of services for the resettlement of a house, which can be demolished, and then build a new one in its place, we involve the best construction companies in the city, real estate specialists, lawyers and notaries in this process. We aim to make the life of Odessa citizens better, preserving the historical appearance of our beloved city.

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